Fact Sheets produced by the ACB for smallholder farmers in Africa in several languages on a range of topics dealing with seed and plant variety protection laws.

This includes:

  • The value of farmer-managed seed systems;
  • UPOV 1991 and farmers’ rights; the Arusha PVP Protocol;
  • women as custodians of seed, what is a seed law, harmonisation of Africa’s seed laws through SADC and COMESA;
  • impacts of harmonisation of seed laws on farmer managed seed systems and small scale farmers;
  • seed sovereignty for small-scale farmers and many more.

FISPs Posters

Posters on Green Revolution, synthetic fertilizers and soil fertility (10 languages)

What is a seed law?

Easy-to-read materials on farmer seed systems, PVP and farmers’ rights

Harmonisation of Africa’s seed laws through SADC and COMESA

New to Genetically Modified (GM)? Fact sheets