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First GMO Seed Scandal in Africa: SA Contaminated the Continent

Seed maize from South Africa, claiming to be pure, has been found to be contaminated with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The South African branch of US seed giant Pioneer Hi-Bred recently exported contaminated maize seeds to unsuspecting Kenyan farmers.
The maize seeds are contaminated with a genetically engineered variety-MON810- belonging to Monsanto that has not been approved in Kenya. GM maize MON 810 contains a novel gene that is considered unsafe and banned in several European countries.

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ACB’s Comments on Kenya’s June 2007 Biosafety Bill, August 2007

Kenya?s Biosafety Bill is drafted as an enabling statute, and will require the promulgation of numerous regulations in order to bring it into effect. Its fundamental nature is one of a lenient permitting system as opposed to a biosafety regime intenton regulating genetically modified organisms within
a context of caution.

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