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GM Cassava update from the African Centre for Biosafety

During 2006, the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) submitted an application to the South African GMO Authority, the Executive Council: GMO Act, for permission to conduct field trials of GM Cassava. The ACB and the international NGO, GRAIN, submitted comprehensive objections to the application on 8 September 2006, widely supported by local and international groups and individuals.

On the 19th of March, 2007, the EC rejected the application and instead, proposed that the trials take place within greenhouses as opposed to the open environment.[i] The main ground for the rejection was the EC’s concern that the ARC had not provided sufficient information to enable an informed risk assessment to take place.

On the 18th April 2007, the ARC submitted an appeal against decision. The ACB was invited by the EC to make submissions in respect thereto, which the ACB duly did, on the 5 October 2007. These submissions are available on the website of the ACB at www.biosafetyafrica.org.za

An appeal board was duly appointed by the Minister of Agriculture and Land Affairs and the hearing was held 8-9 October 2007. A decision of the board was apparently arrived at and sent to the Minister, during October 2007, for final

The Appeal by ARC-IIC against the DOA’s refusal for a trial release of GM Cassava

The Agricultural Research Council (ARC) Institute for Industrial Crops (IIC) submitted an application to the Directorate of Genetic Resources (DGR) within the Department of Agriculture (DOA) in 2006 for a trial release of genetically modified cassava. The African Centre for Biosafety (ACB) submitted its objections to the proposed trial release. On the 19th March 2007 the Executive Council (EC) of the DGR denied the application by the ARC – IIC for a trial release and granted permission instead for the proposed activities to be conducted within the confines of a containment level 2 greenhouse.

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ARC’s Appeal Against GM Cassava Ruling

A year ago, the African Centre for Biosafety and international NGO, GRAIN teamed up to oppose an application by the Agriculture Research Council (ARC) to conduct GM cassava field trials in South Africa. We put together comprehensive written objections to the application, strongly supported by a wide range of South African and international groups and individuals. These objections can be viewed at

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Event Tms60444 Cassava

Event Tms60444 (Cassava)

Objections To The Application Made By ARC? Institute For Industrial Crops In Respect Of An Experimental Trial Release Application For Event Tms60444 (cassava) to the National Department of Agriculture, South Africa
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AFRICAN CENTRE FOR BIOSAFETY and GRAIN, with special thanks to Elizabeth Bravo from Accion Ecologica, Ecuador for her assistance.
Supported and endorsed by: Earthlife Africa, Cape Town, Earthlife Africa Ethekwini, Ekogaia Foundation, Safe Food Coalition, South African Freeze Alliance on Genetic Engineering (SAFeAGE), Zululand Environmental Alliance (ZEAL); Geasphere SA; Centre for Development Initiatives Uganda; CED/Friends of the Earth, Cameroon; Ecological Society of the Philippines, The GAIA Foundation, UK; and a number of individuals in SA, including Dr Harald Witt, UKZN; Anthea Torr, Biophile Magazine and Enchantrix Products; Tim Wigley Earth Harmony Innovators; Bianci Baldi; Lenard Roos, Assistant Editor Namiste; Milly Kyofa-Boamah; Samantha Squire-Howe; Delia Eaglestone; Hilary Bassett; Cheryl Kroon; Renata Ceglowski; Sandy Muller, Bob Small, ABALIMI; Sharmilla Stirk, Fabian Saptouw; Peta Hunter; Louise De Villiers Attorney; Bebe Evans Shoot the Breeze Productions; Sal Davies; Amanda Youngleson; Leigh Tredger, Ursula Thormeyer


GM Cassava fails in Africa

The Donald Danforth plant science centre (the ‘Danforth Centre’), who’s partners include Monsanto corporation, has been pursuing disease-resistant Cassava since 1999 for its projects in Kenya. Despite initially claiming a breakthrough, the group has subsequently conceded (on the 26th of May, 2006) that its GM virus resistant Cassava has now lost resistance to the African Cassava Mosaic Virus (CMVD).

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