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Bt-Maize GA21 / Syngenta


ObjectionsSyngentaGA21.pdf Objections To The Application Made By Syngenta Seedco In Respect Of Event Ga21 To The National Department Of Agriculture, South Africa
Mariam Mayet and Shenaz Moola, 13 September 2004

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A scientific assessment was made of the available information. The main findings are:

  • A full assessment of the scientific data could not be made because of the designation of sections of the application as Confidential Business Information
  • Genetic modification by the application of recombinant DNA technology is characterised by scientific uncertainty. This stems from several factors including the inherent imprecision of currently employed recombinant DNA techniques, the use of powerful promoter sequences in genetic constructs and the generation, as a result of genetic modification, of novel proteins to which humans and animals have never previously been exposed
  • The molecular characterisation information provided by the notifier indicates several irregularities including open reading frames and a truncated constructs which could give rise to unintended gene effects
  • The transfer of the herbicide-tolerant trait to weeds could result in increased herbicide application. The potential for economically important weeds developing herbicide tolerance is a cause for concern
  • Glyphosate use

Africa: Dumping ground for rejected GE wheat

On the 19th of January 2004 Monsanto announced it had approached the South African government with permission to import its genetically engineered (GE) wheat, known as Round-up Ready wheat, in an obvious pre-emptive attempt to create a much needed market for its GE wheat, because none exists anywhere in the world. This comes at a time when Monsanto is faced with falling profits and increasing consumer aversion to GE foods.

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