The quality declared seed (QDS) system is part of the formal seed system and also controls seed quality and purity. The QDS has several benefits, including the system being a good employment opportunity for farmers who produce improved seed. It does, however have drawbacks such as the limited access to basic seed for seed multiplication.

Learn more about these and other topics in the training materials produced by the ACB for smallholder farmers in Africa. The materials are available in several languages and cover a range of topics dealing with seed and plant variety protection laws, including on:

  • The value of farmer-managed seed systems;
  • UPOV 1991 and farmers’ rights; the Arusha PVP Protocol;
  • women as custodians of seed, what is a seed law, harmonisation of Africa’s seed laws through SADC and COMESA;
  • impacts of harmonisation of seed laws on farmer managed seed systems and small scale farmers;
  • seed sovereignty for small-scale farmers and many more.

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