The Plant Breeders’ Rights and Plant Improvement Bills restrict the saving, trading, exchanging, and sale of seed. This can have massive ramifications on seed and food sovereignty, agricultural biodiversity, access to diverse seed, and increasing the disparities and inequalities in South African agriculture, food and nutrition.

We urgently need to protect and preserve our food and seed sovereignty. It is in our best interests that we make our voices heard and retain what really is ours, which is the right to our food, the quality and control of our seed. We have produced this email template to create the opportunity for you to express yourself directly to the relevant authorities.

The submission template will appear in an email addressed to the relevant officials in your province. Feel free to change the template to express your own views and add your own comments before sending. Your submission will have a much stronger political effect if you add your own comments. This is an opportunity to stand for what you believe in!

To support our call please:

Click on send mail for your province, and this will automatically send an email to authorities in the province, but please do remember to add your own comment.

Or you can:

Use the template and fill your comments in the spaces provided:

  1. Select text in “view submission” and CUT/COPY.
  2. Click on “Send email” – this should fire up a new mail message for you. (note if your email is not connected to your browser, see below for manual submissions)
  3. PASTE content in email
  4. Enter your own comment
  5. SEND Having problems?

Then follow these steps manually:

  1. Copy the email address from your province (provided below) and paste into “To” on your email NB – cc and
  2. Click on “view submission” and COPY content
  3. Paste into the body of your email
  4. ADD YOUR OWN COMMENTS and send Thank you!

Photo credit: Claire Rousell

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For manual submissions. please use the email addresses below.

ProvinceGovernment Office,,,

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