As we continue to engage and mobilise around the seed policy and legislation revisions, ACB has developed 2 easy-to-read documents outlining the central concerns and possible alternative directions for seed policy to move in South Africa.

Despite the public interest to support an equitable seed system, the Plant Improvement and Plant Breeders’ Rights Bills, create an environment for further corporate ownership of the commercial seed system, which ultimately excludes and criminalises small-scale farmers and small seed enterprises.

We need to be able to freely exchange seed, and enable farmer-managed seed systems to flourish, for the future of our seed. Right now, the National government is moving across the country engaging in Provincial briefing and Public engagements on these Bills.

Now is the time to educate ourselves on the draconian, oppressive, and vulnerable state of our seed systems.

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View additional comments Jan 30, 2017 here: “Standing up for farmer-saved seeds, agrobiodiversity and seed sovereignty! ACB commenting on revised seed laws in South Africa“.