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Africa: Dumping ground for rejected GE wheat

On the 19th of January 2004 Monsanto announced it had approached the South African government with permission to import its genetically engineered (GE) wheat, known as Round-up Ready wheat, in an obvious pre-emptive attempt to create a much needed market for its GE wheat, because none exists anywhere in the world. This comes at a […]

BT-Maize 176 / SyngentaBt-Potato G2 & G3 / South African Agricultural Research Council

SUBMISSION OF OBJECTIONS BY THE AFRICAN CENTRE FOR BIOSAFETY (ACB), BIOWATCH, AND EKOGAIA Additional Comments and Objections to Continued Trials of GM Potatoes African Centre for Biosafety, supported by various organisations, groups, companies, and individuals, March 2006 Objections to application for a permit for additional trials with insect resistant Bt Cry V Genetically Modified Potatoes […]

BT-Maize 11 / Syngenta

SUBMISSION OF OBJECTIONS BY BIOWATCH and THE SOUTH AFRICAN FREEZE ALLIANCE ON GENETIC ENGINEERING Appeal against the decision of the Executive Council for Genetically Modified Organisms, to authorise various activities of Syngenta Seed Co. (Pty) Ltd regarding maize event Bt11, under the Genetically Modified Organisms Act, 15 of 1997. Winstanley Smith & Cullinan Inc. on […]

South Africa – GMO Legislation

ANALYSIS OF SOUTH AFRICA’S GMO ACT OF 1997 by Mariam Mayet Long version read more. Short version read more.