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Pharma Crops and GE Vaccines

HIV Vaccine Clinical Trial Of Genetically Modified Organism (MRKAd5 HIV1 gag/pol/nef) African Centre for Biosafety Jun 2006. Read here. The Status Of Genetically Modified (gm) Pharmaceutical Crop Research In South Africa Mar 2006 Rose Williams. Read here.

Bioethanol-Maize / Syngenta

COMMENTS BY THE AFRICAN CENTRE FOR BIOSAFETY AND THE CENTRE FOR FOOD SAFETY (USA) Comments on Syngenta’s Application for Commodity Clearance of Genetically Modified Maize, Event 3272 African Centre for Biosafety & Centre for Food Safety, 29 May 2006 Read here. OVERVIEW Syngenta’s Event 3272 maize represents the very first genetically modified (GM) industrial crop […]

Mozambique – GMO Legislation

The proposed biosafety regulatory regime (hereafter referred to as the “draft biosafety law” or “biosafety law”) of the Republic of Mozambique consists of a draft Decree of Council of Ministers, containing the biosafety regulation and 2 draft technical guidelines for risk evaluation as well as public awareness and participation in biosafety and biotechnology related issues. […]

South Africa, Bioethanol and GMOs: A Heady Mixture

On the 12th of May 2006 Syngenta South Africa (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary of Swiss chemical giant Syngenta, notified the public of its intention to seek commodity clearance for its GM maize for the use in the production of ethanol. This is the first GM application for commercial approval in the world for a non-feed, […]

South Africa – GMO Act 15

Submission To Chairpersons Of Portfolio Committees Of: Agriculture And Land Affairs, Environmental Affairs And Tourism, Science And Technology, Health, Trade And Industry, Water Affairs And Forestry, Labour Mariam Mayet, April 2006. Read here. Supported by South African Freeze Alliance on Genetic Engineering, Earthlife Africa, Safe Food Coalition, Ekogaia Foundation, Farmers Legal Action Group-South Africa, Noordhoek […]

BT- Maize 11 x GA 21 Syngenta

On the 28 March 2006, Syngenta Co, advertised in the Sowetan, its intention to seek approval from the South African National Department of Agriculture (NDA) it will seek approval for the following: (a) A commodity clearance approval which will enable the import into South Africa, of stacked GM maize events, Bt11x GA21; and (b) Approval […]

The status of Genetically Modified (GM) pharmaceutical crop research in South Africa

Genetically modified (GM) pharmaceutical crops are crops which have been genetically engineered / modified to produce pharmaceuticals. These pharmaceuticals can be vaccines, anti-bodies or therapeutic proteins. Pharma-crops (as they are known) are a contested and little-known terrain, with remarkable benefits being claimed for them in South Africa. Other voices ask about the contamination of the […]

South Africa – GM Food Labelling Regulations

Why Do We Need To Label Genetically Modified (gm) Food Products? Facts For South African Consumers African Centre for Biosafety, Feb 2006. Read here. Critical Analysis Of South Africa’s Labelling Regulations For Genetically Modified Food, Feed And Products Derived From Gm-fed Animals Mariam Mayet, Oct 2004. Read here. Regulations Relating To The Labelling Of Foodstuffs […]

South Africans support international GM opposition day

Earthlife Africa (ELA) and the African Centre for Biosafety (ACB) are joining an international day of action on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on Saturday the 8th of April, in demanding that GM food for sale in South Africa is labeled as such. Currently, South Africa’s labeling regulations do not require the mandatory labeling of GM […]

Monsanto and Genetic Modification in South Africa facts for South African consumers

Monsanto and Genetic Modification in South Africa Facts For South African Consumers – Feb 2006 African Centre for Biosafety. Read more. Factsheet: Who Benefits From Gm Crops? Monsanto and the Corporate driven Genetically Modified Crop Revolution- Jan 2006 Friends of the Earth International. Read more. A Profile Of Monsanto In South Africa – Apr 2005 […]