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Event Tms60444 Cassava

Event Tms60444 (Cassava) Objections To The Application Made By ARC? Institute For Industrial Crops In Respect Of An Experimental Trial Release Application For Event Tms60444 (cassava) to the National Department of Agriculture, South Africa PREPARED BY THE AFRICAN CENTRE FOR BIOSAFETY and GRAIN, with special thanks to Elizabeth Bravo from Accion Ecologica, Ecuador for her […]

Africa’s Sorghum Saved: Applause for Second GM Sorghum Rejection

The African Centre for Biosafety (ACB) hails the decision taken by the Executive Council (EC)-South Africa’s GM regulatory body on the 30 January 2007 to turn down an application by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research’s (CSIR) to conduct experiments with genetically modified (GM) sorghum in a level three containment facility. This decision was […]

Monsanto’s Seed of Hope Campaign

The African Centre for Biosafety offers this briefing paper to you, titled “Monsanto’s Seed of Hope Campaign in South Africa.” In the briefing, we offer information about Monsanto’s Seed of Hope Campaign in the Eastern Cape-the poorest of South Africa’s nine provinces, where Monsanto’s project was subsidised with huge chunks of public funds, which enabled […]

Tainting Africa’s Heritage

Wambugu, Gates Foundation and Du Pont’s GM Sorghum Project, Jan 2007 Read here.

Objections to CSIR’s Application for Contained Use Permit for GM Sorghum

Sorghum, a grass of east African origin, is said to have present as early as 8000 years ago. The timing of the emergence of the domesticated sorghum, Sorghum bicolor from the wild species progenitor is disputed with dates ranging from 3700-4900 years ago to not much before 2000 years ago.[i] Four main groups can be […]

Turning Food into Fuel

GM Drought Tolerant Soybean and its use in the Production of Biodiesel Read the briefing here.

Contaminated US Rice Must Be Recalled From Africa

African Groups Condemn US Decision To Authorize Illegal GM Rice Sent To Africa Friends of the Earth Africa and the African Center for Biosafety are today urging African countries to monitor US rice imports and to recall all shipments contaminated with GM rice known as LibertyLink601 (LL601). This call follows the confirmation of the presence […]

GM Wines TSGn and TCGn

Objections to the Application Made by the Institute For Wine Biotechnology, Stellenbosch University in Respect Of A Trial Release Application for GM Wines TSGn and TCGn to the National Department Of Agriculture, South Africa. Read here.

South Africa’s Wine Industry Threatened By GM Grapevine Trials

Issued by the African Centre for Biosafety and Earthlife Africa The African Centre for Biosafety (ACB) and Earthlife Africa Ethekwini (ELA), are calling on the South African government to reject an application by the Institute for Wine Biotechnology (IWB) based at the University of Stellenbosch, to conduct open- air field trials in South Africa, involving […]

Wine Yeast ML01

Objection in Respect of the Application to the National Department Of Agriculture, South Africa by the Wine Research Centre (ubc) and Warrenchem Specialties for the Commercial Application of Ge Wine Yeast ML01. Read here.