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Monsanto and Genetic Modification in South Africa facts for South African consumers

Monsanto and Genetic Modification in South Africa Facts For South African Consumers – Feb 2006 African Centre for Biosafety. Read more. Factsheet: Who Benefits From Gm Crops? Monsanto and the Corporate driven Genetically Modified Crop Revolution- Jan 2006 Friends of the Earth International. Read more. A Profile Of Monsanto In South Africa – Apr 2005 […]

Out of Africa: Mysteries of access and benefit sharing

In late 2005 the Edmunds Institute and the African Centre for Biosafety contacted famed bio-pirate hunter Jay McGowan to investigate incidences of access and benefit sharing in Africa. Despite many constraints on the research, McGowan found a plethora of incidents where transnational corporations had utilised African biodiversity without concluding benefit sharing agreements with the local […]

The Long, winding road to a Biosafety Protocol – a South African view

At the negotiations for the Biosafety Protocol in Cartagena, the South Africa government surprised critics by displaying a maturity and understanding of the issues and concerns facing developing countries on the question of genetically engineered organisms. This in spite of attempts by the ‘Miami group’, a negotiating group representing the largest producer nations of biotechnology, […]

Biohazard Map of GM Field Trials in SA

Now that the dust is settling after industry’s aggressive PR hype about the unsubstantiated increase in South Africa’s GM commercial plantings for 2006, we bring to you, based upon empirical data, a short briefing paper on the field trials of GMOs grown in South Africa during 2006, compiled by ACB researcher, Rose Williams. This briefing […]

Bt-Maize 1507 x 59122 x NK 603 / Dow Agrosciences

SUBMISSION OF OBJECTIONS BY THE AFRICAN CENTRE FOR BIOSAFETY (ACB). OBJECTION TO APPLICATION BY DOW AGROSCIENCES TRIPLE STACKED GM MAIZE, EVENTS, 1507 x NK603 x 59199. Read objection here. OVERVIEW The African Centre for Biosafety (ACB) has to date, lodged objections to the following applications by Dow Agrosciences for commodity import clearance: – GM Maize […]

Roundup Ready Flex Cotton / Monsanto

SUBMISSION OF OBJECTIONS BY THE AFRICAN CENTRE FOR BIOSAFETY (ACB) OBJECTION TO MONSANTO’S APPLICATION FOR GENERAL RELEASE OF GM COTTON RR FLEX African Centre for Biosafety, Dec 2005 Read here. Summary The application is for a general release permit to allow the commercial sale and growing of a new transformation event MON88913, also known as […]

Bt-Maize MON89034 and MON89597 / Monsanto

SUBMISSION OF OBJECTIONS BY THE AFRICAN CENTRE FOR BIOSAFETY (ACB) Objections To The Application Made By Monsanto South Africa For A Permit For A Trial Release Of Mon89034 And Mon89597 African Centre for Biosafety, 01 Oct 2005 OVERVIEW DEVELOPER (MONSANTO) APPLICATION: AVAILABLE INFORMATION The dossier supplied by Monsanto is designated Non Confidential Business Information (Non-CBI). […]

Zambia – GMO Legislation

INTRODUCTION The Draft Labeling Standards are non-binding in the sense that they do not create legally binding obligations and responsibilities. As such, they are also not legally enforceable. The lack of teeth of the standards is not cured by the fact that the Zambian Bureau of Standards, a statutory body, produces the standards. However, the […]

Sugarcane with altered sugar metabolism & new promotor elements (SARSI) / SARSI

Sugarcane with altered sugar metabolism & new promotor elements (SARSI) / SARSI Objection To The Application By Sasri In Respect Of A Trial With Gm Sugarcane, To The National Department Of Agriculture, South Africa. Read here. SCIENTIFIC ASSESSMENT BACKGROUND Application by SASRI and Available Information An application has been made by the South African Sugarcane […]

Act now for GM free food!

You can make a difference by keeping the pressure on food producers. Consumer pressure works.. Especially if it is constant and relentless… We have won many victories and we can win the big one’s too. Consumers have the power! Let’s take back our food supply… Keep writing to them To demand GM free food the […]