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Pioneer Hi-Bred, Dow Agrosciences wants SA to approve risky GM maize

During January 2005, Pioneer Hi-Bred RSA (Pty) Ltd and Dow Agrosciences Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd applied to the Executive Council and the Registrar: GMO Act, for a food and feed safety approval for its GM maize HerculexT RW. This GM maize variety is not currently grown commercially anywhere in the world; and is under investigation […]

Sugarcane with a bacteriozide protein & Bt-Sugarcane / SARSI

SUBMISSION OF OBJECTIONS BY THE AFRICAN CENTRE FOR BIOSAFETY (ACB) Objections to the Applications made by the South African Sugar Research Institute (SASRI) in Respect of Permits for Activities with GMOs, specifically sugarcane, to the National Department of Agriculture in South Africa African Centre for Biosafety, February 2005 Read the objection here. Read the press […]


Monsanto and Genetic Modification in South Africa: Facts For South African Consumers – Feb 2006 African Centre for Biosafety. Read more here. Factsheet: Who Benefits From GM Crops? Monsanto and the Corporate driven Genetically Modified Crop Revolution – Jan 2006, Friends of the Earth International: read more. A Profile Of Monsanto In South Africa – […]

Dow Agrosciences field trials of GM maize blocked

The African Centre for Biosafety (ACB) has today learned that its objections, launched exactly 7 months ago, strenuously resisting DOW Agrosciencs application to field test its GM maize event TC 1507, have been successful. Read more here.

A glimpse through the crack in the door: South Africa’s permitting system for GMOs

During 2004, the African Centre for Biosafety (ACB) spent a considerable amount of time monitoring the South African permitting system for genetically modified organisms (GMOs). In the course of its work, it lodged comprehensive objections to numerous applications for the import, marketing and field- testing of GMOs. Read here.

Bt-Maize GA21 / Syngenta

SUBMISSION OF OBJECTIONS BY THE AFRICAN CENTRE FOR BIOSAFETY (ACB) ObjectionsSyngentaGA21.pdf Objections To The Application Made By Syngenta Seedco In Respect Of Event Ga21 To The National Department Of Agriculture, South Africa By Mariam Mayet and Shenaz Moola, 13 September 2004. Read more. OVERVIEW SCIENTIFIC OBJECTIONS A scientific assessment was made of the available information. […]

Monsanto Nk603 X Mon863x Mon810

Objection To The Application By Monsanto For Commodity Clearance Of Its GM Maize Varieties Nk603 X Mon863x Mon810 to The National Department Of Agriculture, South Africa prepared by the African Centre For Biosafety. Read here. SUPPORTED BY: Bishop Geoff, Southern African Faith Communities’ Environmental Institute; South African Freeze Alliance on Genetic Engineering; Earthlife Africa Ethekwini […]

BT-Maize MON863 and MON863 X MON810 / Monsanto

SUBMISSION OF OBJECTIONS BY THE AFRICAN CENTRE FOR BIOSAFETY (ACB) Objections to the Application Made by Monsanto South Africa for a Commodity Import Permit of Grain for Feed and Food Purposes that may Contain Maize Grains Derived From Insect-Protected Maize Line Mon863 and Maize Hybrids Mon863 X Mon810 Mariam Mayet and Shenaz Moola, August 2004 […]

SA biosafety regulators in bed with industry on GM potatoes?

The South African government has approved a United States funded project that will soon see genetically engineered potatoes sprouting in six secret locations in African soil. Similar potatoes were first grown in the United States but were withdrawn from the market due to consumer resistance. Read more.

BT-Cotton COT200-Cry1Ab, RR–Cotton, (Syngenta)

Bt-Cotton COT200-Cry1Ab / Syngenta Bt-Cotton COT102-Cry1Ab / Syngenta RoundupReady-Cotton / Syngenta SUBMISSION OF OBJECTIONS BY THE AFRICAN CENTRE FOR BIOSAFETY (ACB) (renamed to African Centre for Biodiversity) Objections to the Application made by Syngenta South Africa in Respect of the Following Events to the National Department of Agriculture, South Africa. Read here. SYNOPSIS – AFRICAN […]