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Experts on Gene Drives

Gene Drives: privatising malaria control | Mariam Mayet Save our Seeds travelled the world speaking to some of the world’s leading thinkers, activists and academics on the impact of gene drives. They recognise ACB’s The financialisation of malaria in Africa: Burkina Faso, rogue capital & GM /gene drive mosquitoes (2022), as the most in-depth analysis of the […]

Manipulate and Mislead: How GMOs Are Infiltrating Africa

The most persistent myth about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is that they are necessary to feed a growing global population. Highly effective marketing campaigns have drilled it into our heads that GMOs will produce more food on less land in an environmentally friendly manner. The mantra has been repeated so often that it is considered […]

EIA regulations and GMOs in South Africa

The African Centre for Biosafety (ACB) has done considerable work with regard to the need for environmental impact assessments of GMOs and the limitations of current legislation. This work can be found on the ACB’s website. We have perused the new Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations, regulating procedures and criteria for conducting EIAs as set […]

Drug Companies Looting SA’s bounty of Medicinal Plants

The government has stepped in to save a tiny South African plant, pelargonium, from extinction after hundreds of tons were harvested for foreign drug companies, one of which has patented its use to fight HIV/Aids. Now traditional healers, who have used the plant for centuries, are trying to win back the patent which they claim […]

Stealing South Africa’s Secrets…..

Pelargonium, a plant used in cold and flu remedies, has become a new battleground in the campaign to protect South Africa’s indigenous flora and traditional knowledge from bio-pirates. An interview with Mariam Mayet published by the Mail & Guardian written by Yolandi Groenwald on 15 January, 2007.