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New to Genetically Modified (GM)? Fact sheets

Grab these short, easy reading factsheets and share it with your friends. What is a GM crop? GM Myths Who benefits? Monsanto SA Regulation SA Labelling GM Crops in SA GM Cotton in SA GM Maize in SA GM Soya in SA International Regulation

The new generation of GM herbicide crops – poison cocktail for ailing agriculture

Dow’s 2,4-D & glufosinate ammonium soybeans-the case for its rejection In this briefing, we outline our food safety concerns with Dow Chemical’s GM soybean genetically engineered to resist the herbicides, 2,4-D and glufosinate ammonium (DAS-6816-4). We also outline the reasons for the spate of these even more toxic GM herbicide tolerant crops and the markets […]

What you should know about Dows, 2,4-D GM maize

During May 2012, the South African GMO authorities1 approved Dow Chemical’s highly controversial GM maize variety, DAS-40278-9 for import into South Africa for direct use as food, feed and processing. This GM variety has been genetically engineered to withstand liberal applications of Dow’s toxic chemical herbicide 2,4-D and has yet to be approved for growing […]

Understanding the impact of genetically modified crops in Africa

Contents: Abbreviations and acronyms About this handbook. Know the field and articulate your position. Familiarise yourself with the regulatory issues. Identify your allies. Interact with the process. Keep the pressure on Conclusion Terminology Used Annexes References We also include numerous “Reading Resources” which are linked to specific pages/concepts within the Handbook. How to make the […]

Who benefits?

Genetically modified crops in South Africa: a failure for farmers Anybody who has heard of genetically modified (GM) crops has also heard that we in Africa must accept them or face starvation. The primary message is that GM crops have been developed for the poor and hungry. This is a highly emotional argument put forward […]

SA Labelling

Labelling of genetically modified food in South Africa Food labelling? your? right to know? It is a consumers? right to know what is in their food and to make informed choices about what they eat. Yet, South Africans have been eating genetically modified (GM) food for more than a decade without their knowledge or consent. […]

GM Cotton in SA

Genetically modified cotton in South Africa The biotechnology industry has really tried to win small-scale farmers over to genetically modified (GM) cotton, especially in Africa and Asia. Getting cotton approved in a country is a good way for the industry to pave the way for the entry of the GM food crops. It is estimated […]

GM Maize in SA

Genetically modified (GM) maize is big business globally. In 2011, farmers grew about 51 million hectares of GM maize. Most of this production happened in the United States where the majority of GM crops are being grown. There are just four major GM crops grown in the world today and maize and soya make up […]

GM Soya in SA

Genetically modified soya in South Africa It might surprise you to learn that there are very few kinds of GM crops growing in the world today. “The four major crops are soya, maize, cotton and canola. The most commonly grown GM crop is soya.” It makes up almost half of all GM crops grown around […]

What is a GM crop?

An introduction to GM seeds: why they’re so different to what we know What is genetic modification (GM)? Genetically modified (GM) seeds have been created in a laboratory. The process of creating them is completely new and does not happen in nature. Since farming began people have worked with nature to breed plants and animals […]