2023 was a special year for the ACB, as it marked the twentieth anniversary since our organisation came into being, initially in response to the emergence of genetically modified organisms and the attendant biosafety issues in food and agriculture. 

As the organisation grew, our focus broadened to include a host of interconnected issues affecting food sovereignty and biodiversity, including industrial agriculture, seed policies and laws, agricultural biodiversity, and corporate expansion in agriculture and food systems. 

After two decades, it was fitting for us to reflect once again on the changing context within which we work, to respond with a renewed vision and mission statement, expressing our commitment to culturally and biologically diverse landscapes, territories and food systems in Africa, which are socially just and democratic, based on the interconnectedness and harmonious co-existence and co-creation between people and nature.

In celebration of this legacy, we invite you to read our annual report, which not only looks back at the events and outcomes of a very rich year, but also situates several strands of our research and advocacy within a longer timeline of activism.

We are grateful for and energised by the relationships we have built up over the years with individuals and organisations, and within overlapping networks, and are indebted to our generous funding partners – many of whom are close allies and friends. 

Thank you to everyone who walks this journey with us.

Please click here to read the report.