Latest GMOs/Biosafety in South Africa Resources

Scottish Parliament Motion on GM entry refusal, Kenya, South Africa

*S3M-6119 Bill Wilson: Biodiversity Coalition Opposes GM Contamination. That the Parliament notes reports that 40,000 tons of genetically modified (GM) maize from South Africa have been refused entry to Kenya as a result of protests led by the Kenya Biodiversity Coalition. Further notes, with reference to motion S3M-05873 by Bill Wilson ‘Who Benefits from GM […]


GM Sugarcane: A long way from commercialisation?

Despite the best part of a decade of research and field trials, genetically modified sugar cane in South Africa remains a long way from commercial cultivation. Numerous research projects are currently underway at a number of publicly and privately funded research bodies, most of which are concentrating on increased sucrose and biomass content. Late last […]


ACB’s Comments on Kenya’s June 2007 Biosafety Bill, August 2007

Kenya’s Biosafety Bill is drafted as an enabling statute and will require the promulgation of numerous regulations in order to bring it into effect. It’s fundamental nature is one of a lenient permitting system as opposed to a biosafety regime intention regulating genetically modified organisms within a context of caution. Read here.