It is a consumer’s right to know what is in their food and to make informed choices about what they eat. Yet, South Africans have been eating genetically modified (GM) food for more than a decade without their knowledge or consent. The producers of GM foods say that these foods are perfectly safe, but many scientists disagree and consumers do not want to take the risk. About 40 countries in the world label GM foods or have banned them altogether.

Health is not the only concern that consumers have – some people don’t want to buy GM food because they have religious or ethical concerns. For example, some people feel that moving genes from one species to another is tampering with God’s creation. Others do not want to support the large corporations that are gaining control over our food supply and undermining small-scale and natural farming systems. Consumers want to know if their food is genetically modified for a wide variety of reasons and it is their right to know.

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