In July 2012 the National Chamber of Milling (NCM) posted a position on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) on its website, in which it supports the principle of consumer choice and pledges to “encourage identity preservation within the grain supply chain to enable clear labelling of our product to the consumer market”.

However, the biotech industry lobby group AfricaBio, who have lobbied vociferously against the labelling of GM food in South Africa, has also claimed to have “forged a strategic partnership with the NCM” to engage with government on the GM labelling issues. That being the case, the ACB has written an open letter to the NCM asking for clarification of its relationship with AfricaBio, to push for a stringent and accurate labelling and identity preservation system (including establishing GM free maize and soya chains) and supporting the independent, long term and transparent risk assessment of GMOs in South Africa.

2012 Tests

2013 Tests

FutureLife: 100% GM Maize, 37% GM Soya

Purity’s Cream of Maize: 56% GM maize

Purity Baby First: 71% GM maize

Bokomo Wheat free Pronutro: 90% GM maize, 71% GM soya

Ace supermaize meal: 78% GM maize

Ace maize rice: 70% GM maize

Ace instant porridge: 68% GM maize

Nestle Cerelac Infant Cereal: 76% GM maize

Lion Samp and beans: 48% GM maize

Impala maize meal: 66% GM maize

Jungle Breakfast: 41% GM maize

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