You Can make a difference by keeping the pressure on food producers. Consumer pressure works… Especially if it is constant and relentless… We have won many victories and we can win the big ones too. Consumers have the power!

Let’s take back our food supply…

Please sign our petition to call on South African food producers and retailers to immediately remove GM Soya or any other GM ingredients in the nation’s bread. The African Centre for Biosafety (ACB) recently tested South Africa’s popular white bread brands and found extremely high levels of Monsanto’s GM soya. It is unacceptable to consume GM ingredients and glyphosate in our daily bread.

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The Consumers Have a Right to say NO! NO GMO in our Bread

Please sign our petition calling for an urgent Parliamentary hearing on genetically modified (GM) crops in South Africa, to include a full transparent review of the risk assessment and risk management procedures and public participation in GMO decision making.

In May 2012 the South African biosafety regulators (the Executive Council) approved Dow’s 2,4-D tolerant GM maize, dubbed ‘Agent Orange’ maize, into South Africa. In the ensuing public outcry, the ACB submitted a petition to Parliament, signed by over 7,000 individuals including 18 health professionals, calling for a reversal of the decision, and a complete review of the GMO decision making process in South Africa.

Though the petition was forwarded to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Agriculture, we are still in the dark as to its status. Meanwhile, Dow continues to apply for import approval for its 2,4-D tolerant GM crops, most recently in July 2013, for a GM maize variety engineered to tolerate toxic combinations of 2,4-D, glufosinate and glyphosate.

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Call for Parliamentary hearing on GMOs

This statement will be submitted to the G8, AGRA and CAADP for facilitating a new wave of colonialism in Africa. The statement is supported by over 30 organisations and networks.

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PLEASE say no to ImPurity by SIGNING OUR CIVIL SOCIETY PETITION TO TIGER BRANDS t/a PURITY calling on it to provide GM Free Food Now!! Purity’s Cream of Maize has tested positive as containing 56.25% GM maize; and Purity Baby First has tested positive as containing 71.47% GM maize.

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This petition, which calls for a ban on GMOs on the African continent, endorsed by more than 400 organisations across the African continent representing farmers, indigenous peoples and civil society groups has been submitted to the African Union for inclusion as an agenda item at the January 2013 Summit of the African Union. With gratitude to all the organisations and individuals that supported this cause.

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African Civil Society Statement: Call for a ban on GMOs


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