Objections To The Application Made By Pioneer Hibred Rsa And Dow Agroscience Southern Africa For Commodity Clearance Of Grain And Derived Products From 1507×59122 Maize (herculex Xtra) To The National Department Of Agriculture, South Africa African Centre for Biosafety, 18 April 2005.

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The scientific assessment is based on the information provided as part of the notifier application. The information provided for comment within a period of five days is in excess of 1000 pages comprising largely technical scientific data. The information provided is only that deemed unclassified. Notwithstanding this volume of information, there appear to be several omissions or references to previous applications. The section on toxicity of foreign gene products to humans and animals (page 17), for example, states that a ‘very detailed evaluation of the potential toxicity to humans and animals of the Cry1F, Cry34Ab1, Cry35Ab1 and PAT proteins expressed in 1507 maize and 59122’ was included in the respective applications. As a result, this information is not included in this application. A great deal of the information relating to the digestion assays was obtained from other researchers who have had sight of this data.