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Maíz transgénico de Sudáfrica: imposición en México y Zimbawe

BOLETÍN DE PRENSA Grupo ETC, Centro Africano para la Bioseguridad, FoodMattersZimbabwe y CTDT Nuevas importaciones de maíz transgénico de Sudáfrica a México Cargamentos no autorizados hacia Zimbawe En peligro el centro de origen y las formas de vida campesinas del maíz en Mesoamérica y en África El Centro Africano para la Bioseguridad (ACB, African Center […]


South Africa exports unapproved. GM maize to Zimbabwe, continues to export to Mexico, contaminating both the region and centre of origin

The ACB is deeply concerned by the news that the South African GMO authorities have permitted over 25,000 tons of GM maize to be exported to Zimbabwe. This is the first time that South African GM maize grains have been commercially exported to our neighbor north of the Limpopo, and adds to a growing list […]


The GM stacked gene revolution: A biosafety nightmare

Stacked GMOs are those containing more than one gene genetically engineered into a crop plant. A controversial stacked GMO, Smarstax containing 8 such genetically engineered genes, was commercially approved in the US, Canada, Japan and South Korea during 2009. Stacked gene varieties are highly complex, posing new biosafety risks that outpace the capacity of regulatory […]