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Agroecology versus Industrial Agriculture

These graphics, captured in an easy to read and visually informative manner, illustrate the stark difference of practices and values between the current industrial food system and agroecological food systems.


It is a matter of urgency that we break up these cartels that have South African consumers, especially the poorest of the poor, in a vice grip through control of our two staple foods ? maize and bread.

What is a GM crop?

An introduction to GM seeds: why they?re so different to what we know

What is genetic modification (GM)?


GM Myths

What you should know about GM crops

Myths are based on false promises and deception, against actual reality and genuine concerns. The biotechnology industry has spread a lot of myths about what GMOs can do. These are not based on fact and have been shown to be false in reality.

Who benefits?

Genetically modified crops in South Africa: a failure for farmers


SA Labelling

Labelling of genetically modified food in South Africa

Food labelling ? your ?right to know? It is a consumers? right to know what is in their food and to make informed choices about what they

GM Maize in SA

Genetically modified maize in South Africa

Genetically modified (GM) maize is big business globally. In 2011, farmers grew about 51 million hectares of GM maize.

GM Soya in SA

Genetically modified soya in South Africa


International Regulation

International law governing GMOs

Genetic engineering (GE), also called genetic modification (GM), is not just a modern version of the
natural breeding that we know and have practised for many thousands of years. It is a new and